1 Positive Terminal(Red)/Negative Terminal(Black)
Heavy duty copper alloy terminals for ease of assembly and reduced

2 Post Seal Design
Quadruple reinforced seal :O ring/Thread Seal/Double EPOXY Seal
Eliminates post leaks extending battery
life and protecting sophisticated electronic equipment.

3 Post Symbol
EPOXY Pantone and +/- signs

4 Negative Plate
Grid made of lead-calcium tin alloy

5 Puncture Resistant Separators
High elastiv separators,cling plates,lowers internal resistance

6 Positive Plate
Grid made of pure 99.996% lead with tine
Thickening design for heavy duty and durability,
Tank formation process ensure full and uniform plate formation
optimizing cell voltage balance and performance

7 Internal Copper Bus
Exclusive thru-partition weld seals,maximizing current transfer between cells

8 MIRUC self-sealing valves
100% factory tested to prevent premature dry-out for dependable battery service
Flame arrestors are installed on all RUZET batteries for added safety.

9 Case and Cover
Resists bulging and meets safety requirements.
Special reinforced design protects
battery while providing added heat dissipation capabilities.

10 Seal Between Case and Cover
Seal by double high temperature and high pressure,provents leakage

11 Battery Handles
For ease of carry and site-installation

RUZET electrolyte is a dilute solution of Sulphuric acid, with a density of 1.289 when the cells are fully charged(1.295 for HR series),for reducing the corrode of plate.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products.

RUZET AGM technology brings superior high-rate power.

RUZET gelled-electrolyte batteries is designed for applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenanced is desirable.


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